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Monthly Top 5

At Melbourne Books, we are passionate about fostering emerging writers. So we want to work with them to develop their stories.

At our publishing house, there are three tiers of responses to manuscript submissions: 

Tier 1. We are interested in further discussion about publishing your book.

Tier 2. We see real merit in your manuscript and can offer to provide an assessment and/or editorial service at below market rates. There is an obvious advantage to you working with Melbourne Books on your manuscript as we are a highly reputable independent publishing house and you can bypass the process of having to secure an agent and pitch to a publisher. We can work with you to develop your manuscript.

There is no guarantee that we, as the publisher, will publish the title once it’s been edited, but it may be a possibility if we deem it to be a good fit for our list. If Melbourne Books isn’t the home for your book, it will be edited to a publishable standard, ready to be pitched elsewhere.

Tier 3. We deem the manuscript to not be a fit for Melbourne Books, and we will send you a rejection note.