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Astonishing Rock Trivia

John Tait

ISBN: 9781925556568

Astonishing Rock Trivia $24.95

About the book

A juicy piece of trivia is like a beautiful fresh cut of protein. It needs to be handled just right. Some fillets of trivia work well as a question, others are best posed as a ‘Did you know’. Some have so much flesh on them that they are better served up as a whole story or essay. That is what you will find between these pages, a smorgasbord of trivia treats to feast upon. Like a buffet on a cruise ship, you can start at the beginning and work your way along, you can push in at any point for the one tasty treat that you want, or you can fill a small plate and come back over and over again. 

This is possibly the most complete book of Rock Trivia ever compiled and the morsels will astonish …