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Award Winning Australian Writing 2012

Adolfo Aranjuez

Award Winning Australian Writing 2012 - Paperback $29.95

About the book

Now in its fifth edition, Award Winning Australian Writing (AWAW) continues its commitment to showcasing the best short stories and poems that have won competitions around the country.

This year, Melbourne Books is again expanding the project, increasing the number of featured pieces to over fifty. AWAW 2012 will also proudly include a foreword by Mark Tredinnick, winner of the 2011 Montreal Poetry Prize and the 2012 Cardiff International Poetry Prize, and author of The Blue Plateau, Fire Diary and nine other acclaimed works of poetry and prose.

"Write, as the writers in this anthology have done, to make beauty, to make sense, to make prayer, to make love … to perpetuate and recharge the conversation literature carries on — about who we are, and what is real, and what counts, and what one can do to help." — from the Foreword by Mark Tredinnick