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Monthly Top 5

Imperial Harvest

Bruce Pascoe

ISBN: 9781922779229

Imperial Harvest_Paperback $32.99

About the book

New fiction title from bestselling author Bruce Pascoe

Yen Se has lost everything to the Khan’s brutality. 

Left with one eye and one arm, he is forced out of his home village to work in the city as a horse handler. Witness to the Khan’s violent crusade, their raids sweeping across Eurasia, he travels with the theatre of war, but exists outside of it; stunned every morning to find himself alive. 

Yen Se moves randomly across Europe with a loose band of survivors – men who think of survival, men who think of resistance, and women who dare to dream of peace. 

Praise for Imperial Harvest

On any great journey, in the time of the Khans and the Conquistadors, it was essential to have one good man, a witness, someone to speak for those who could not. The one-armed horse trainer, Yen Se was chosen – and his journey across continents and oceans will be immense.

I loved this bountiful sensuous book, more saga than novel, from a writer who confronts again, the contradictions of history, religion and race.

—Hilary McPhee

This is one of the most profound and arresting novels I have ever read. The vast scope of Bruce Pascoe’s imagination is breath-taking. Imperial Harvest, rendered in lucid and poetic prose, is a meditation on the barbaric absurdity of war, while being, as readers would expect from this extraordinary writer, a poetic hymn to the planet itself.

—Carmel Bird