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Mary Gaunt: Independent Colonial Woman

Bronwen Hickman

Mary Gaunt: Independent Colonial Woman - Paperback $29.95

About the book

This is a rare biography of the pioneering Australian author, Mary Gaunt. Born on the Victorian Goldfields in Chiltern in 1861, Mary was well-educated and wellconnected.

She was a tomboy and a rebel — her father encouraged her, her mother disapproved. One of the first female students to attend the University of Melbourne, she wrote articles and stories in order to fund her travels. She trekked through the great mahogany forests of West Africa. She went to China in the chaos that followed the downfall of the Ch’ing dynasty, and narrowly avoided the marauding White Wolf.

She proved that a woman could live by her pen in that era. When war came, she was trapped behind enemy lines and never made it home to Australia.

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