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Tait's Modern Guide to Record Collecting

John Tait

Tait's Modern Guide to Record Collecting - Paperback $24.95

About the book

Are records making a comeback? The reality is they never went away! Collectors have never stopped seeking out the rare and unusual. But now there is a whole new generation of twentysomethings and thirty somethings - born in the CD era - who are discovering the romance, the warmth and the value of vinyl. Secondhand records are in plentiful supply as baby boomers downsize. Crate-digging in 2nd hand shops, markets, and garage sales is a great hobbie. But what is valuable and what is rubbish? How do you recognise a rare treasure? How important is condition? How can you tell if it is a first pressing?

This book is a back-to-basics guide to record collecting . Its stories, trivia and real examples will be informative for the novice as well as the experienced collector. Happy digging!