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Wangaratta Festival of Jazz & Blues 30 Years

Adrian Jackson & Andra Jackson
Hardcover: $66
Also available as a digital flip book at $25

ISBN: 9781925556599

Wangaratta Jazz & Blues Festival 30 Years Flipbook $25.00
Wangaratta Festival of Jazz & Blues 30 Years_Hardcover $66.00

About the book

The sceptics said it couldn’t be pulled off. How on earth could a tumbleweed town like Wangaratta in rural Victoria host a jazz festival? Even if the town managed to get a jazz festival off the ground for a year or two, it couldn’t possibly last, the doubters said.

Now thirty years later, the festival having also added on a blues event, is firmly established as Australia’s leading jazz festival, bringing musicians and punters from all over Australia together. It has won tourism awards and is now ranked as a Hallmark event by the Victorian Government. 

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