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The Good Kitchen: Love and Connection Through Food

Danny McCubbin

Royalties from the sale of each book will be donated back to The Good Kitchen.                                  

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ISBN: 9781922779243

The Good Kitchen_hardback $39.99

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The Good Kitchen is a thriving example of the power of food to bring people together. Danny has united a community through cooking and I really salute him for that. Delve into his journey in this lovely book knowing that all the royalties will go right back to the heart of The Good Kitchen. Nice one Danny.                   

— Jamie Oliver                  

After twenty years of volunteering and working in food-focused social enterprises, Danny McCubbin launched a community kitchen in a remote town in Sicily called Mussomeli. Every week Danny rescues surplus food from the supermarkets and then puts that food to good use cooking for vulnerable people of the town and delivering meals to the elderly who are alone.           

Danny shares the pivotal moments of his journey, the life lessons, the human connections, and the food and recipes behind it all since opening the Kitchen’s doors in July, 2021. Simplicity is at the heart of every meal, cooking
with vegetarian surplus food of all kinds – proving that delicious meals can be prepared from the most inexpensive ingredients.                

Danny provides recipes from The Good Kitchen that stay true to the rich Sicilian food tradition while being adaptable according to the ingredients available. He also shares various hints and tips on reducing food waste, which comes as second nature to most Sicilians. The book offers inspiration and advice for anyone who has dreamed of creating a grassroots project with social value.                  

The book features recipes from Danny’s friends and supporters, including: Jamie Oliver, Stephanie Alexander, Anna Jones, Gennaro Contaldo, Fabrizia Lanza, Antonio Carluccio, and Ali Noor.