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Bridget Hancock is a naturopathic nutritionist, with a BSc in pharmacology and physiology, and a transformational life coach with yoga and breath-work training.Bridget is a firm believer in the inseparable bond between mind, body and spirit, in order to restore health and wellbeing. She focuses on treating the underlying cause and addressing the physical, mental and emotional state simultaneously. Her practice combines cutting edge science, traditional medicine and an empathetic approach gained from her own personal experiences treating a life-compromising disease as well as facing her husband’s cancer diagnosis in 2007. She believes in the ability to reverse illness with diet and lifestyle; and that addressing imbalances, deficiencies, removing toxins and reducing stress are the best practices to achieve nutrition equilibrium and optimal health.

Bridget is the author of Live Like a Lobster: How to Extend Life, Avoid Disease and Confront Cancer