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Monthly Top 5

Meet our Authors

David Tenenbaum has written several books including Wendi Choulai and Rolled Gold, and is the Founder and Publisher of Melbourne Books. 

Dolores San Miguel started Ballroom on a whim born of serendipity in 1978. Soon, she was booking the M bands, partying with the players, pursuing and being pursued by the musicians and movers and groovers of the era. She saw it all! San Miguel is the author of The Secret Love Letters: A Family History. 

Denise Luboff is a Sydney high school English teacher with a family of three sons. She is passionate about sharing her experiences in communicating with her children to the wider community. Geez Mum, What Planet Are You From? is her first book.

Diana was one of the first popular Australian singers to be successful in the USA and many others followed: Helen Reddy, Olivia Newton-John and in recent times Keith Urban. American audiences have fond memories of Diana’s appearances on the television series Sing Along with Mitch then her hit songs on the Country Billboard charts and her Australian fans will remember The Diana Trask Show. She is the author of Whatever Happened to Diana Trask. 

Eileen is quite possibly the longest working dancer and choreographer in Australia, if not the world. At 103 years young, she continues to take to the stage and dance and create every day and is showing no signs of stopping any time soon. Eileen has lived an extraordinary life. She was born on 8 November 1914 and grew up in Sydney. Eileen came to dance relatively late in life, joining the Bodenwieser Ballet company, Australia’s first professional modern dance company, in 1940. She left Australia in the 1950s, performing around the world and meeting contemporary artists who have gone down in history as legends. Among the many artists she met, such as Ella Fitzgerald and Chico Marx, she loved Louis Armstrong the best. Eileen is her autobiography.

Elaine Davies published her book Tea Leaves to Tarot Cards with Melbourne Books in 2009.

Emma White grew up in country Victoria and after completing a BA in Classics at Melbourne University travelled to Canada where she spent several years teaching snowboarding and working in ski fields in North America and New Zealand. After Kev’s accident and their trip to Australia, she returned to university in Calgary and completed a BSc in Environmental Geology. She worked as a hydrogeologist for a few years at an engineering consulting company where she got to drive ice roads and drill wells in between writing hydraulic assessments. She is currently completing a PhD in Infrastructure Engineering at The University of Melbourne which she commenced after moving back to Australia with Kev. They now live in Melbourne with twins.

She is the author of Broken.

Fiona established Austin Design Associates 20 years ago. After completing her education in both fine art and design, she worked for several interior design magazines, including Home Beautiful, The Period Home Renovator, Belle and The Age’s ‘Home’ section, while also practicing as an interior designer. Fiona’s previous experience includes working as an interior designer with the Stonehenge Group before establishing her own design practice. She particularly enjoys the process of collaborating with her clients and with builders, cabinet makers, architects and building designers. Fiona also has a passion for 1950s and 60s architecture, particularly in Beaumaris. Fiona is a Fellow of the Design Institute of Australia and has been a member since 1983. She is the co-author of Beaumaris Modern.